Managing Committee meeting held on 18-06-2018 at Lahore

The Managing Committee on its meeting held on 18-06-2018 at Lahore unanimously resolved as follows:-
a. Breeding Rules
The Managing Committee approved the breeding rules unanimously as read by the National Breed Warden. Breeding Rules are available on the club website for general public. Click here forĀ Breeding rules
b. Permanent Memberships
The maximum number of Permanent Members shall be capped at 500. However, in a calendar year a maximum of 25 new Permanent Members may be inducted. The application Fee is Rs 25000/- (Refundable in case of unsuccessful application). The applicant must be an existing member of the club in good standing for consideration as Permanent Member.
The Club shall invite applications for status of Permanent Membership for consideration in its next Managing Committee Meeting.
c. Schedule of Breed Survey
The club shall conduct minimum six breed surveys throughout Pakistan. The club will conduct first Breed Surveys on 27th and 28th October at Lahore, 3rd and 4th November at Islamabad and on 10th and 11th November at Karachi initially.

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